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We’re transforming regional transportation


Connecting communities through regional transportation

When it comes to regional transportation, the Southeast Regional Service Commission is committed to increasing transportation accessibility, affordability and availability to support residents and regional visitors through a connected set of regional transportation providers working individually and collectively as a coordinated, user-facing network.

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One role of the Southeast Regional Service Commission is to coordinate and support long term regional transportation planning efforts among constituent communities and stakeholders within the Southeast Region to inform infrastructure, service, and policy development that fosters safe, accessible, efficient and affordable mobility.  

This may include background studies, citizen engagement, surveys and data collection, analysis, forecasting, and travel demand modelling. The SERSC may also support the development of regional mobility solutions and programming.  Improvements to regional transportation service delivery will benefit residents and regional visitors.

Looking for transportation services in Southeast NB?

Visit the transportation providers:

Codiac Transpo 

Dieppe Transportation

Urban/Rural Rides

Via Rail

Greater Moncton International Airport 

Maritime Bus

Ability Transit, offering service to individuals in Moncton that have mobility challenges. 

  • Contact Information: 506-853-3055