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A total of 12 Regional Service Commissions have been established within the Province to help communities communicate and collaborate regionally. This includes sharing common services, such as land use planning and solid waste management, and the development of a regional plan. These Commissions will serve communities and be governed by them, creating direct accountability to taxpayers in all regions.

The videos series below include features of the Regional Service Commission structure, roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Executive Director, as well as various governance practices:

  1. Overview of Regional Service Commissions

  2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  3. Responsibilities of Individual Board Members

  4. Role of the Executive Director

  5. Relationships

  6. Governance Bylaws Meetings & Decisions

  7. Governance Accountability & Planning

Executive Board

The Regional Service Commissions are governed by communities through a board of community representation which will set the direction and makes decisions for the overall Commission. This Board will be responsible for establishing by-laws which govern the activities of the Board, and the operations of the Commission, including any administrative requirements.

The Executive board of Southeast Regional Service Commission is composed of the mayors of the 15 municipalities in this region and 4 representatives of the 24 Local Service Districts.