About Us

SE Recycle (formerly Westmorland-Albert Solid Waste Corporation) is the solid waste department of the NB Southeast Regional Service Commission. We serve over 160,000 residents in Southeast NB in the Counties of Westmorland and Albert. SE Recycle oversees the waste management facility on Berry Mills Road. The site includes a lined sanitary landfill, secure Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste disposal site, permanent HHW Depot, Blue waste recycling plant, Green waste composting plant, and many other components.

As part of our Blue/Green Program, SE Recycle has many successful recycling programs using the products we hand-sort from your Blue bags. These materials include milk cartons, coffee cups, newspaper, cardboard, metals, electronics, Styrofoam, all types of plastics (including plastic bags), and many other products. These materials are hand-sorted from the rest of your waste and sold to recycling markets where they are used to make new products. The waste from Green bags makes compost used on our sanitary landfill as daily cover.

We began accepting waste on the site in 1992 and have come a long way since then. In addition to a lined sanitary landfill, we have a wood waste recycling area, secure C&D waste disposal site, a tire recycling area, a permanent HHW Depot, a transfer station for residents with small amounts of waste, a methane/landfill gas collection system, etc. Our residential sorting and diversion program began in a few Municipalities in 1999 and quickly spread across the Region.

For details on what types of waste are accepted or more information on the site, please contact SE Recycle at 506-877-1040.