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A subdivision is the division of a property into two or more parcels, or the consolidation of two or more properties into one (generally speaking: the moving, removing, or creation of new property lines). A subdivision can only be done by a subdivision plan prepared by a licensed New Brunswick Land Surveyor, unless it can be exempted under the Community Planning Act.

There are three stages to the subdivision application process:

  1. Pre-application
    • Contact a development officer to discuss the proposal and the regulations that apply
  2. Tentative Plan
    • Have a tentative plan prepared by a licensed New Brunswick Land Surveyor
    • Multiple copies will be distributed to relevant government agencies. The plan must be approved by all agencies involved
    • If a new public road is required, the plan needs to be recommended by the Planning Review and Adjustment Committee and approved by the Municipal Council or the Minister of Transportation. 
  3. Final Plan
    • The development officer will request a final plan after tentative approval
    • The final plan must be approved by a development officer before it can be registered at the registry office

Processing times of applications vary depending on the complexity of the project. Fees also vary in different municipalities, please see development fees for more detail. 

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